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6 Easy Steps to Generating a Farm Map PAOneStop

1. Create Login


  • Login to PAOneStop and create an account with a secure username & password
  • Locate farm using address and Google Maps
  • Develop maps for as many farms as you wish!

2. Locate Farm

locate farm

  • Locate farm on a map using Google Maps!

3. Locate & Label Fields


  • Outline field boundaries, assign field identification number
  • Describe fields.
  • Calculate field acreages automatically
  • Edit, add or delete fields as needed
  • View aerial photography automatically provided for you, for your farm!

4. Draw Farm Features



  • Draw other farm features needed for map (water wells, sinkhols, streams, manure staging areas).
  • Generate manure setback areas & stream buffers.

5. Select Field to Map


  • Select features to appear on your map. Only impacted fields need to be mapped.
  • Hide any field of feature not needed for map. Select map background (aerial photograph or topography)

6. Create Digital or Hard Copy Maps


  • Generate maps that are acceptable for a PA Nutrient Balance Sheet submission.
  • Save maps and data securely online for future reference & mapping.
  • Draw fields and farm features once - all data area saved in a secure database that you can access at any time using your login information.