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Why Do We Need PAOneStop Mapping?

  • cowsThere is a clear need for a simple tool for farmers to create farm planning maps easily and inexpensively; the PAOneStop Nutrient Management Planning Mapping Module provides this tool through a simple, online interface.
  • PA Nutrient Management regulations require that farmers develop Nutrient Management Plans and complete Nutrient Balance Sheets for manure transfers to protect water quality.
  • PA State Conservation Commission estimates that more than 50,000 nutrient balance sheets are completed annually in Pennsylvania.
  • Methods to develop Nutrient Management Plans and Balance Sheets are available to farmers but require farm planning maps as part of the process. Maps can be a challenge to produce and are expected to contain features such as field boundaries, acreages, stream and water features, wells, sinkholes, application setbacks and buffers, soils, aerial images and more.